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thuan nguyen
May 19, 2021
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Hello JRAS, we can’t wait to meet everyone on Saturday and show you what we have to offer! All the beautiful fish are bred by us. You can find us in a white Hyundai Tucson with our table and chairs set up right under the trunk. If you have any questions or would like to reserve anything on this list, you can reach out at (804)955-8038. *Only accepting Cash or Venmo* Fish - Guppies/Endler, Platys, Killifish, Koi Guppies: Red Dragon ($25/Pair - $15/Male) Blue Dragon ($25/Pair - $10 Female) Full Gold ($30/Trio - $7/Female) Japan Blue Gold Double Swordtail ($12/Pair - $4/Female) Killifish: Fundulopanchax Gardneri Killifish (2 Juvenile pairs and 1 Adult Male - $12/Pair $7/Male) Koi: (2) $12 takes both: 5 inch Black and White ($5) 8 inch Black, White, Red ($10) Miscellaneous: Guppies/Endlers (Male and Female - $3 for 1 - $5 for 2 - $2 for 3 or more) Platys (Juvenile Male and Female - $2 for 1 - $1 for 3 or more) Kohaku Swordtail ($5/Male or Female) Plants - Guppy Grass (Sandwich bag for $4) Anacharis (Sandwich bag for $4) Hornwort (Sandwich bag for $4) Java Moss (Golf ball size portion for $4) Susswassertang (Golf ball size portion for $4) Duckweed (Sauce cup $1)
thuan nguyen

thuan nguyen

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