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                                                                                   TAG SALE RULES


        1.      Dry goods, new in box or used, plants, fish, aquariums will be allowed in the tag sale

        2.      Sellers are encouraged to place their dry goods in tag sale in lieu of the auction.

        3.      The percentage payout to sellers is the same as the regular auction, with one exception; any tag sale items not                    purchased by the time the auction of regular items is winding down, the Auction Manager will place any                                non-purchased tag sale items in the auction and proceeds will be considered “donated” to JRAS.

        4.      Tag sale items will be registered in MYGROUPAUCTIONS, just like the regular auction. A fixed ‘buy it now’ price                    will be added to tag sale items.

        5.      The tag sale will open at 9:00 a.m. and buyers may purchase at this time.

        6.      As with regular auction all buyers must register and have a bidders number in order to purchase tag sale items.

        7.      In order to keep the tag sale fair and orderly – all purchases will be recorded one at a time, so everyone has a                        fair chance to purchase from this area.

        8.      If, it becomes clear that more than one buyer is interested in a particular tag sale item, then at the decision of                     the auction manager, an impromptu on-the-spot auction will take place with the high bidder winning that item.

        9.      At an arbitrary time, set by the Auction Manager, all tag sale items will be discounted by 25%. At this time, any                     seller wishing to remove their unsold items from the tag sale may do so.

       10.     At a second time, somewhere close to the end of the regular auction process, all tag sale items will be                                    automatically placed in the auction rotation – and will be considered “donated” items and property of JRAS.

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