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Goldfish Tank

BAP Point System (7-18)



              10 Points: Species that basically breed by themselves over a wide range of conditions Examples: Guppies & Platies

              15 Points: Species that can be bred easily given specific conditions which are not too exacting Examples: Barbs

              that can be bred easily when conditioned properly, zebras when given low water over marbles, or African mbuna

               which breed easily when given alkaline water, good food and some protection against aggression

              25 points: Species which may present moderate problems in one or more of the following areas - aggressive

              behavior, water chemistry, specific diet requirements, mate selection, special tank requirements, special care for


              Example: Angelfish which may present a sexing problem, be aggressive, or present a problem in proper brood care

              30 Points: Species that are difficult to breed, not frequently bred or require particular circumstances to breed or

              whose fry are  very difficult to raise Example: Sawbwa resplendens whose fry are unusually small and require

              longer term care than most egg layers

              40 Points: Species not often kept and bred and/or whose fry require particular long term care but do nor rise to

              the level of a 50 point fish Examples: Red Lizard Catfish, Loaches

              50 Points: Unusual or rare species that have not been bred, bred only rarely in the United States, or are very difficult

              to breed  Examples: Black Ghost, all marine fish *************************************************************************************************************

                                                                                       ASSIGNED POINTS


             15 pts: Betta, Colista, Trichogaster, Macropodus, ASNL

             20 pts: Trichopsis,, Belontia, Anabas

             30pts: Sphaerichthys, Osphronemus, Parosphronemus, Helostoma


             15 pts: Corydoras aeneus, C. paleatus, C. hastatus

             20 pts: Corydoras, ASNL 

             30 pts: Otocinclus, Ancistrus, Whiptails Brochis, Banjo, Callichthys, Hoplosturnam

             40 pts: Rineloricaria sp. Red Lizard (L10A), Loaches

             50 pts: Doradid, Pimelodid, Sirurid, (glass), Bagrid, Mochokid (Upside-down)Schielbeid,Hypancistris


             15 pts: Black Tetra, Head and Tail Light, Von Rio

             20 pts: Congo Tetra, Glowlight, Blue, Emperor, Penguin, Characidium, Copeina, Moenkhausia

             30 pts: Arnoldichthys, Crenuchus, Silver Dollars, Neon, Cardinal, Rummynose, Hatchets,  Pencilfish,                                         Exodon

             50 pts: Anostomus, Aabramites, Leporinus, Pacus, Piranus, Chalceus, Hemoidus, Prochilodus,



             10 pts: Pseudotropheus, Melanochromis, Labeotropheus, Lake Malawi mouth-brooders, Peacocks,

             Haplochromis,  Sarotherodon, (mouth brooding Talapia), Jewel, Convict, Rainbow, Chanchito,

             Jack Dempsey, C. Bimaculatum, G.brasiliensis,

             15 pts: Hap. Moori, Cyph frontosa, Lamprologus, Tropheus, Julidochromis, Callochromis,

             Hemochromis thomasi, H. fasciatus, Aequidens, Cichlasoma, Pelvicachromis, Pelmatochromis,                                                 Nannochromis, Nannacara, Apistogramma   Steatocrannis, neetroplus, Geophagus,

             Microgeophagus, Talapia (substrate spawners), ASNL

             20 pts: Oscars, Orange Cromide, Cichlasoma Severun, C. managuense, C. umbiferum, I, C. festivum                                 Chocolate, Crenichichla, Cyprichomis, Crenicara, AE. maronii, Geo. jurupari, Acarichthys, Acaronia

             25 pts: Pterophyllum

             30 pts: Green Chromide, Discus, Uaru, Cichla


             15 pts: Danio, Brachydanio, White Cloud, Barbs: Cherry, Gold, Half-banded, Tiger, Ruby, Rosy,

             Checkerboard, Ticto,  ASNL 15 pts: Barbus, Goldfish, Koi, North American Cyprinids

             25 pts: Rasbora maculata, R. trilineata

             30 pts: Rasbora, Tinfoil Barb

             50 pts: Labeotropheus, Epalzeorhynchus, Osteocheilus,


             15 pts: Aphyosemion, Aplocheilus, Aplocheilichthys, Cubanichthys, Cyprinodon, Fundulus, Oryzias, ASNL

             15 pts: Aphanius, Aphyosemion, arnoldi, A. filamentosum, Epiplatys, Jordanella, Pachypanchax,


             20 pts: Blue Gularis, Gold Pheasant, Nothibranchius

             25 pts: Cynolebias, Pterolebias, Rachovia, Austrofundulus


             10 pts: Poecilia, Xiphophorus, Gambusia, Goodeids, ASNL

             20 pts: Half Beaks, Jenynsia Onca

             30 pts: Anableps

             50pts: Rays


             20 pts: Bumblebee Goby, Badis, Gudgeons

             30 pts: Palitodon, Leaf Fish, Sticklebacks, Puffers, Gobies, Seahorses, Pipefish, Darters, Sunfish

             50 pts: Polyterns, Aruana, Mormyrids, Knife fish, Marine fish, Glassfish, Archerfish, Scats, Monos,

             Spiney Eels, Loaches, Homaloptends Any fish bred for the first time in the United States.


             10 pts: Neocaridina heteropoda varities (Cherry Shrimp, Rili Shrimp, Sakura Shrimp)

             20 pts: Caridina cantonensis species (Crystal Red Shrimp, Bee Shrimp, Tiger Shrimp)

             30 pts: Sulawesi Shrimp (Caridina denerli, Caridina glaubrecti, Caridina striata)


                                    NOTE: Thanks to the Raleigh Aquarium Society for the use of much of their BAP fish list

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