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                                          JRAS AUCTION GENERAL RULES FOR AUCTION & TAG SALE

                                      JRAS auctions will be held using MYGROUPAUCTIONS for our administrative purposes



The auction will be open to the public.  All Tropical fish, hobby-related dry goods, new and used, and aquarium plants are welcome. The seller must ensure that any used equipment is in good working order and that all filters are cleaned and dried out. No equipment with water still in it will be accepted. Dry used gravel will be accepted in this auction.


JRAS or its working members will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury to any auction item before, during, or after the auction.


If the seller has an item that has a “minimum bid” and does not sell, it is the responsibility of the seller to pick up the item at the end of the auction. Any item not picked up by seller at end of the auction becomes property of JRAS.

The auction split for the JRAS All-Day Auction will be 70/30 (IF SELLER IS A JRAS MEMBER) Seller will receive 70% and JRAS will receive 30%, and 50/50 (IF SELLER IS A NON-MEMBER) Seller will receive 50% and JRAS will receive 50%. If any auction item sells for $3.00 or less, there will be no split and the total proceeds will go to JRAS. This encourages sellers to place items in the auction that will sell for over $3.00.


Pre-registration through MYGROUPAUCTIONS is highly encouraged, but if the seller registers on the day of the auction, registration will be allowed from 8:30 – 10:00 am. Any lots registered after 10:00 am will be tagged accordingly, with a colored label, and these items will be auctioned off after the regular items that were preregistered are finished. DONATED items are exempt from this and will be auctioned off at the discretion of the auction managers.


The Auctioneer has the final word on all bids.


If you wish to bump up a lot, you may purchase a “bump up” label to move the lot to the front of the line. The auction managers will determine the order lots are placed during the auction.


All attendees are eligible to register and participate in bidding and raffles, and this includes members of JRAS.


Commerce not pertaining directly to the auction is prohibited. Violators will be asked to desist or leave the premises.


NO SPECIES OF FISH, PLANTS, or INVERTEBRATES LISTED ON THE VA. DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE RESOURCES INVASIVE SPECIES LIST WILL BE ALLOWED IN THIS AUCTION. If something is determined part of this category, it will be removed from this auction. Please check the list on the JRAS website if you are not certain of specific species.

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