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All items registered before the start of the auction

will be listed in MyGroupAuctions

  • Know what you are bidding on. All items are available for inspection prior to the auction and during the break.

  • All bidders must register prior to bidding. Each bidder must have their own bidder card. No fish will be sold to anyone without a bidder card.

  • Payments for auction items will be cash, check, or credit card.

  • When an item is sold, the runner will deliver the item to the winning buyer and get a signature for that item. It is up to the bidder to make sure the amount and bidder number is correct.

  • When the bidder is finished and ready to leave, they must check out with the registration table and pay for their winning items.

  • The winning bidder releases JRAS from any responsibility for the condition of the items after they have won them.

  • A re-bagging station will be available for anyone that feels they need to change water or re-bag their fish. 

NOTE: Children are a parent’s responsibility. Please make sure that they are safe at all times.


  • Tag Sale buyers must register and have a “bidders card” before purchasing a Tag Sale item.

  • All Tag Sale items will have a “buy it now” fixed price on label

  • Bidders may purchase any tag sale item after the Tag Sale opens – but, the sale must be recorded by the tag sale clerk before removing items from the Tag Sale area.

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