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            B:    Acceptable auction combinations include: Adult/Sub-Adult singles; (Male and Female of the same species                  and variant); Trio (1 Male and 2 Females of the same species and variant); Reverse Trio (2 Males and 1 Female of              the same species and variant); Mated Pair, or Breeding Pair (2 fish of the same species and variant, that have                      successfully produced fry with each other); Colony (2 or more adult males and 2 or more adult females of the                      same species and variant); Juvenile (4 or more juveniles of the same species and variant); Fry (6 or more fry of                  the same species and variant).

            C:    There is a maximum of 4 lots of the same item per species per seller.

            D:    Dwarf species must be at least ¾” and all others must be at least 1” in length unless clearly marked as“FRY”.              The auction managers will inspect all bags of fish sold. The Auction Managers have the right to refuse any lot                    due to size, visible defects, sickness, or improper bagging of item.

            E:    No deformed or unhealthy fish will be allowed. The entire lot will be rejected if 1 fish is deemed unsuitable to              sell by the Auction managers.

            F:    All auction items must be registered through MYGROUPAUCTIONS. Simple registration information is listed                on the MYGROUPAUCTION website. If registering on the day of the auction, there will be people on hand to help                with the process.

            G:    Each bag must be labeled with the following information: Species of fish, Number of fish, and sellers screen                name and/or email address. As an option a picture can be added when registering.

            H:    All fish should be in double inverted bags or be in 3 mil thick (min) bags. The bag should be filled with 1/3

            water and 2/3 air.  Adult males and females should be bagged separately. JRAS reserves the right to determine if              bagging is acceptable. No buckets will be permitted unless permission has been granted by JRAS managers.

            I:    The seller may designate any submission as a 100% donation of the proceeds to JRAS. All 100% donations                  are  exempt from rules (B) (acceptable combinations or size)

            J:    No payments to sellers will be made during the auction. Settlement will be mailed within the next 30 days.

            K:    All checks must be cashed within 90 days of the date mailed out. Checks not cashed within this time frame                  will become  VOID. 

            L:    The Auctioneer will decide starting bid and increments.

            M:    Non-fish items, whenever possible, should be bagged to prevent water damage.

            N:    Depending on auction item totals, the auction managers may designate a color code system for early or pre-              registered  items taking precedent.

            O:    Minimum bids on items is discouraged, but if an item does not meet min-bid price, it may be NO-SALED and                seller is responsible for picking up after the auction. The seller may elect to reduce the min-bid price if need be.                Any NON SALED items  not picked up at end of auction by seller becomes property of JRAS.

            P:    Anyone placing dry goods and aquatic equipment in the auction must mention condition in their description. Wet substrate,              used bulbs, opened food or chemicals are not allowed.

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