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Oct 16, 2020
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Greetings all! I'm looking forward to making it to the tailgate this weekend. I've got 5 really beautiful Gold Veil Angelfish, only a few months old (approximately 3" long). Looking to get $15 each, or $50 for all five. Picture below is of actual fish--sorry, not a professional photographer! I don't intend to bring them unless someone actually wants them. Additionally, I've got the plants below for sale. I'd rather not uproot and bring them all, so if there's anything in particular you'd like, reply to this thread and let me know what you're interested in. Text me at 757-876-8615 for pictures of anything you'd like to see. -- Daniel Micranthemum Micranthemoides - Pearl Weed ($5 for sandwich bag - emerged, submerged, and roots) Alternanthera Reineckii (nice red colors! 2-3 long stems, some emersed, some roots. Cut into pieces for submerged growth or just plant and let it continue growing as-is. $5) Ammania Selegalesis - (red! A lot of emersed growth with roots, but cut back to get more plants + submerged growth, $5) Ludwigia repens - (3-4 stems, some emersed, some submerged, $5) Mixed Rotalas (green, H'ra, and OJ) - Both submerged and emersed available, $5 baggie Rotala OJ - (at least 5 stems, some emersed, $5) Rotala H'ra - (at least 5 stems, some emersed, $5) Rotala Ammania "Bonsai" - Unavailable Hydrocotyl Verticillata (baggie with several runners, 4-5 floating leaves and roots, $5) Monte Carlo (great for carpets; $5 for golf ball sized clump) Saggitaria Subulata - Dwarf Sag - (8-10 clumps, $5) Staurogene Repens - (bag with 1-3 med clumps, $5) Hygrophila Pinnatifida (1 stem, may have runners, $5) Myriophyllum Heterophyllum - Foxtail (2-3 stems, Submerged/Emersed+roots, $5) Eleocharis vivipara - hairgrass - Unavailable Java Fern - (larger loose plant or attached to lava rock, $5) Java moss - (generous golf ball portion, may have hair algae, $5) Cryptocoryne Becketii - Unavailable Pogostemon Erectus - Unavailable Pogostemon Helferi - Unavailable Juncus Repens - Unavailable Gratiola Viscidula - (2-3 stems, $5) Nymphaea stellate lily - Unavailable Hemianthus Callitrichoides (HC Cuba, small tray with 5+ nodes of emerged growth, $5) Bacopa (either emersed or submerged, 2 stems, $5) Floaters (2 oz container with 30+ plants) ---Duckweed - Unavailable ---Azolla - $5 ---RRF- Unavailable ---Salvinia minima - $5 ---Frogbit - Unavailable Anubias barteri - Unavailable Anubias nana - Unavailable Marimo moss ball (2 small/medium sized balls, $5) Large Anubias Coffeefolia ($20) Large Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green" ($8) Potted Amazon sword, 7 leaves ($8) Large Cryptocoryne wendtii "Brown" - Unavailable Bucket w/ 20# Black Diamond blasting sand - $15
Gold Veil Angelfish and tons of plants!  Tailgate! content media


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