Membership in JRAS entitles you to these member privileges:

  • Access to Meetings with featured speakers on a variety of educational topics.
  • Opportunity to attend planned field trips at a discounted price.
  • Opportunity to list auction items at JRAS auctions at reduced commission.
  • Discounts at participating retailers.
  • Voting rights on all club business.
  • Ongoing education/handouts from experts in the hobby (local and national).
  • Monthly newsletter.
  • A friendly hand from other like-minded enthusiasts.

Annual JRAS club membership dues are $20.00 for a full year or prorated at $5.00 per Quarter for the remainder of year.  Payment is due by January 1st of each year.

Your dues cover you and everyone at your mailing address. Please indicate names to be included in your dues and how their names should appear on their name tags.

Your information is not shared with any other groups, businesses, or organizations.

We are a  not for profit organization.  We fund our activities though our monthly auctions, our yearly membership dues, and donations from our members.


For additional information contact our JRAS Membership Chair at: